A Few of My Favorite Things

July Favorites

July was an insanely exciting month for me. Not only did I get a new job, but my sister and I found a town house, and we close in just a few short weeks! You can read more about these changes here :0)

I also received a BUNCH of subscription boxes, (shh… that I got on accident- no seriously, I canceled my subscription and they sent me an extra 4 boxes!!) So I have been blessed enough to try lots of new products as well as find new favorites!

Because of a busy month between beginning a new job, getting used to a new routine, work schedule, hours & trying to pack up my apartment, plan for a move, get things ready for a new house- Life was kind of crazy. I did however stumble upon a few favorites- a simple set of favorites if you will, where I go down to the basics.

Image result for original glee castTV Show: I have gotten back into Glee. I was randomly listening to an old playlist packed full of Glee songs, and I forgot how much I loved the show. Although I have seen all of the episodes before, and I am sad when I hear Finn sing, it is still a good show with great music.

Movie: “Live Long & Prosper” I am turning into a Trekie. This past month, I went to the movies with my dad, and we saw the new Star Trek movie. Although I knew nothing about the movie, characters or the plot before I stepped foot into the theater that day, I walked out with a minor obsession and desire to watch the other movies and maybe the TV show, (that is a strong maybe). As my dad explained a quick summary of what the movies were about, and a overview of his favorite characters, or ones he thought I would like, our movie began, and I was quickly sucked in.

Fashion piece: White Skinny Trousers. I have loved having more freedom with my wardrobe, the ability to wear things other than black dress pants. Although those are still in my set of go to work clothes, another item has moved its way into my favorite spot. It’s middle of summer, and I am lovin’ my white skinny (cotton jean) trousers. They are stretchy, comfortable and perfect for paring with different looks. I love that I can roll them into Capri pants, wear them as ankle pants or regular full length trousers.  Although it may be against fashion rules… I may wear them past labor day.

Food: I have been loving this “Edible Cookie Dough-for One” I love me some good cookie dough and it never last long in my fridge. This is a great small recipe that actually last me two nights or two servings I guess :0) Here is the original site where I found the recipe. I just put my left overs in a closed container and keep it in the freezer until I need another bite :0)

Beauty Item: In one of the many Glossy box samples I immediately fell in love with. A brand I was familiar with, but a product that excited me. The Too Faced Matte Liquid lipstick in the color Nude. This lipstick, although I got in a mini sized is perfect when you don’t want a bold lip, but you want a little something. The unique tip makes the application SUPER easy. It is almost like a felt tip that gives a clean and perfect lip every time. I love that it doesn’t settle into the cracks of my lips and my lips don’t get dried out.

Bible Verse: I love this verse, because it is a daily reminder that my struggles, my worries, even my hopes & dreams are all in God’s hands. I need to give things over to Him and in His time, he will take care of things, all I need to do is trust and stay calm.

Exodus 14:14  (NLT)
14 The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm.”

Random: I have been loving washi tape. A completely random item I know. But between packing, getting ready for the move and creating cute decorations washi tape has so many different uses. I have used it on the sides of canvas to cover up blank edges, or paint drips. I have used it to decorate jars with candles inside, and it even works for labeling my boxes, wrapping up fragile figures :0) I have accumulated quite the collection of varieties and I am excited to find more ways to use it.

Favorite memory: My favorite thing that happened in July was of course 4th of July, and the weekend entirely. Our church did a huge block party at our Pastors house, to get to know the neighbors, spend time as a community and enjoy some awesome food and of course fireworks. Because the 4th was on a Monday this year. We, my sister & our best friends Leanne and Laura, had the day off and spent it in Stillwater celebrating Laura’s birthday. We walked around the cute little town, ate dinner at a restaurant called Nacho Mama’s & shared ice cream and lit sparklers.

Looking Forward to Most: August is going to be a crazy busy, eventful, hectic but REALLY exciting month. Not only are Jess and I moving into our new townhouse. The past few weeks have been lots of planning, packing and decorating on a budget, but I can’t wait to see it all come together! We are also taking a family trip to both Nebraska & Colorado to see family. My cousin who has been in the Marines for the past 6 years will finally be home, and we are visiting family that has been really sick. We also haven’t seen some of these family members in about 3 years, so I am very excited to get to spend time with them.



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